Small Business Ideas

Have you got a dream of the best way to realize your very best small business ideas? The way you react to this dream will decide whether you will be effective, or if you remain where you stand. Should you still dream, you may never visit your dream become a reality.If that’s the case, the […]

Internet Banking: Relevance in a Changing World

Surprising, but true – Internet-based activity is not the preserve of the young “digital native” generation alone. A 2008 survey says that Generation X (those born between 1965 and 1976) uses Internet banking significantly more than any other demographic segment, with two thirds of Internet users in this age group banking online. Gen X users […]

Banking Fraud – Prevention and Control

Banking Fraud is posing threat to Indian Economy. Its vibrant effect can be understood be the fact that in the year 2004 number of Cyber Crime were 347 in India which rose to 481 in 2005 showing an increase of 38.5% while I.P.C. category crime stood at 302 in 2005 including 186 cases of cyber […]

how to calculate income tax

5 Keys to Real Estate Flipping Success

Real estate is supposed to be buildings, property, land rights – above the land and underground rights. Well, many people are accustomed to buying and profiting off of homes. Before investing, it is always better to study the market. There are a few keys wherein they can actually make a lot of profits in real […]